Things girls do that I don’t understand.

I attended an all girls school and now I am in an all girls res and being around all these females is really confusing for me, even as a girl myself. This lead to me wondering about certain things that I’m sure over 90% of the female population do.

Firstly, why do girls go to the bathroom together. If I don’t need the bathroom and you do, what possible purpose will my presence have there? What value will me walking with you to the bathroom have in either of our lives? And if I do go with you, which if I’m honest will not happen, what am I supposed to do while you’re in the bathroom? There is just no logic, purpose or reason for me to go with you to the bathroom, unless I actually need to go.

Secondly, girls and photos. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love selfies. BUT, the selfies I take are the most horrendous, double chinned, humorous selfies that, if ever shown in public, would probably diminish my chances of ever been respected by anyone. The following are some examples of the pictures girls take that I’m ranting about:

1. Selfie of my body. Where’s your head girl? The only thing worse than this is the inappropriate “I’m obviously doing this to show you my boobs” selfie


2. The looking away selfie. WHY?

How to take better selfies (21 of 62)


3. The duck face and newly trending reversed duck face. Oh why…

Kim Kardashian's duckface selfienot-duck-face

4. Everything about this photo

  • Mirror selfie
  • Bathroom selfie
  • Hand-on hip selfie


The last thing I just don’t understand about girls is why they become different people around guys. Why do they pretend to like sports and sport teams that they no nothing about? Why do their voice go octaves higher? Why do some of them become less intelligent? But what bothers me most is who started this? Did men once gather and decide they only like a certain type of women or did women gather and decide to become this version of themselves.

I would just like to clarify that I am in no way judging girls who do this. Heck, I’m sure I do things that raise questions to others but I just want answers. My curiosity is killing me. Please comment if you know why girls do these things.


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