The problem with equality.

Recently, I’ve noticed more and more people taking a stronger stand on equality (for gender and race mostly). Which I think is great… to a certain extent. Now, before I get my head bitten off, let me explain to problems I have with this.

Firstly, why are trying to bring up the previously disadvantaged by completely bashing down the other. Feminist are now male haters instead of female “empowerers”. In South Africa, we have become so sensitive to the feelings of blacks and show complete apathy for whites. NO! The way to move forward in society is not to disregard others to bridge a gap, all you will achieve by doing this is creating another gap. Revenge is never the solution (apply that to your life). An eye for an eye will only lead to a blind world (Thank you Ghandi).

Secondly, when it comes to gender inequality, why are we trying to change our girls and not trying to change the mindsets of chauvinistic men who are still raising up another generation with that mindset. I stumbled across the twitter account Yes All Women and after reading some of their posts relasied how one sided our society is. The tweet that got me the most said;

Because we live in a society that teaches girls “don’t get raped” rather than teaching guys “don’t rape”

How messed up? That is not okay. What kind of generation are we raising? Don’t get me wrong, I dream of a world that is completely equal but the way some people are going about it is not getting us their. All it’s doing is causing a different problem.


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