More than a coincidence

I have come to realise that too much in my life has happened for the existence of God to be nothing more than a mere figment of my imagination. The excuse of a coincidence has long been surpassed by the intricacies of my testimony. I am overwhelmed by every detail in my life that links to another seemingly insignificant past detail. I am captivated by the romance and the drama and the suspense that has scripted my life thus far. I have come to know the existence of God to be true through the pursuit he put up for my enslaved heart. I have felt loved in places where love has previously crept away.

My Creator knows how enthralled I am by a great story but how lucky am I that he wrote such a story for me. Placing me in a lead role alongside him. Taking the time to perfect every word in such a manner that I can only sit back let it all unravel.

My Jesus, pick up your pen and continue…


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