A letter to the baby-boomers

I am a 22-year-old student who, like most people, struggles with finding my purpose. I love doing a lot of things but tend to struggle with bridging the gap in dreaming and doing. As a millennial, I’ve realised one thing about my generation. Older generations seem to have lost hope for us as the future. So, here is my address to the older generations

Dear Baby Boomers,

From the complaints you have about us and lack of faith you seem to show to us, I’d like to take this time to address your concerns. But before I get to that, I’d simply like to say thank you. Thank you for raising us and guiding us. Thank you for being our parents and mentors. Thank you for providing for us thus far. A simple thank you.

However, just as you had to adjust to the changing times and brave the waves of your generational trends, it’s time for our generation to do the same. What does make our walk so much more difficult is the magnitude of change we are experiencing as we grow. Technology is not a bad thing but it has affected the workplace in a very unique way. The skills that were once a necessity are useless and the skills we need are being tried and tested as we grow. In some ways, our generation can be seen as the guinea pigs for the future.

I could write a thousand more ways in which we differ but I’d like to address one concern. Just because we aren’t following the mould, doesn’t mean we are hopeless. We’re different. We’re changing the definition of normal and finding our feet on the way. If this scares you, imagine the fear we have. But one common trait amongst our generation is our unwillingness to compromise on passion and happiness. Working a 9 to 5 is less important to more of us because we realise that it’s just a job. We want to live for more.

I can promise you that we will find our feet, even if the ground we touch is not where you expected us to be.

Sincerely, millennials.


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