Dear Future Husband.

I absolutely love the power of words. I believe the words we speak over our lives shape our future. I believe our prayers, when aligned with God’s will, can be prophetic and beautiful. And I believe that the words we speak can be a source of life or death in our own situations.
This being said, I don’t take this post lightly.
A couple of months ago, I wrote this prayer (turned to song) for a man I am yet to marry, and possibly yet to meet. At first, I didn’t want to post this because the idea of praying for a nonexistent relationship sounds nonsensical. But I hope you see my heart behind this.

(Sidebar: I am quite single and therefore this post was not written for someone I know or with someone specific in mind)

I pray you have the courage to brave through every storm,
I pray you find the patience when I spend 3 hours in a store,
I pray you seek the Father and chase after His heart,
And mean it when you say one day “till death do us part”.
I pray that you be present in the lives of our kids,
Read them a bedtime story and don’t shy from a good night kiss.
Dear Future Husband, I vow to love you
Even when you have the man flu,
And when I’m pushing you away
I pray you know that I mean stay.

I know God kept you in mind
While I endured through every trial,
So that when I walk down the aisle
I can look at you and smile.
And though submitting isn’t easy
And commitment kinda scares me,
I know heaven will prepare me
For the man I’m going to marry.

I may have strong opinions and be more stubborn than I should
But I promise you I’ll work on that so I can be your Ruth.
I can’t promise I won’t fight with you or get mad at silly things,
But Future Husband I can promise you, I’ll treat you like a king.
I vow to hold your hand when the stormy seasons come
And even then I will remind you of the God who formed this love.

Dear future husband I vow to love you
And always put our God above you,
But till the day we say “I do”
Know I’m preparing my heart for you

As I end this vow, I have one final thing to say,
Dear Future Husband I may not know you but I’m praying for you each day,
That you’re finding grace, favour and an unconditional love.
I pray that you that seek guidance and wisdom from the Son.
I pray not that you’re perfect but only that you’re mine,
And finally I pray that this love is not awakened before it’s time.


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