Embracing a Season of Good Things.

I try my best to find the joy in every situation. Last year however, I gave up on trying. I was unhappy and I embraced the sadness. My mentality shifted from “this too shall pass” to “I give up” This year, I find myself doing an internship in my church that I love, surrounded with the best friendships, living in a home environment that is ideal and truthfully, living my best life. But even though I am physically in a good space, mentally I am still in the bad season.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about how I’m in a season of triumphs and favor yet I’m living with a mentality of “this won’t last”. As any good friends would, she convicted me and said “don’t steal away from your own joy”. This sentence stuck with me. We’ve become so attentive to joy-thieves in the forms of toxic people or bad environments but, sometimes, we are the biggest thieves of our own joy.

Waiting for the bad to happen, comparing our good to a perceived better of someone else or not fully embracing your joy can be worst than a toxic friendship. I say this because removing yourself from an environment that is stealing your joy is a plan. But how do you remove yourself from your own thoughts?

A shifted mentality will always be the most difficult battle but I’ve found one simple way of fighting this battle. I’ve simply changed my confession. I’ve made a conscious decision to only speak positively into my situation. Even when I feel like there is nothing good to say, I say good things. If I’ve had a bad day, I end it off with congratulating myself on seeing it through. If I’m feeling a bit fat, I thank God that I have food to eat every day. If someone is irritating me, well I’m just grateful I have friends.

And who knows, through time, this changed confession might just become my norm.


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