In a Crowd of Ten Thousand.

This past week, my church hosted 2 womens conferences that attracted over 10 000 people (including 3 Sunday services). I had the privilege of serving behind the scenes and seeing God move in various ways. The biggest miracle I saw, however, was hearing God.

I’d like to think that I have a pretty good relationship with God. But my one obvious blindspot, as ironic as it sounds, is serving Him. I tend to get a little bit of a Martha mentality (see Luke 10:38-42) and get so caught up in the task of serving that I forget the One I’m serving. Going into this conference, I was made aware of this blindspot but truthfully, that did not help. After the first day, I started running out of sessions to make sure the tasks I was given were being executed perfectly and failing to focus on the why behind what I was doing.

While I am writing this, something is different though. I am writing this post refreshed, my heart is overflowing with love and peace. I feel rested. Yesterday, I woke up reflecting on the week that had ended and realised that I hadn’t gone into this conference believing God for any specific kind of miracle yet came out with a great revelation. God is not, and will never be, limited to one form of communicating. In the crowd of 12 000 women, God singled me out. While I ran around, God spoke to me through every detail of my serving. God answered my prayers before I spoke them out loud.

I encountered a slightly different side of God over the week. I’ve always known God the Father who’s love abounds through every season. I’ve known God the shield of protection against the enemies plans. I’ve seen the God of grace and forgiveness. But the last week, I saw the greatness of God. The God who does before you know you needed Him. The God who prevents and protects you from yourself and sometimes doesn’t get the glory He deserves. Above all, I saw the greatness of His love and power through His ability to single out 12 000 women as individuals, not as a group, and speak to their individual needs and requests.


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