Accidental Lessons From My Mom

I see myself as extremely lucky to have grown up in a house where I had two present parents. My mom, in specific, has attempted to teach me many lessons through parenting lectures. Truth be told, the lectures she spoke did not stick with me as well as the lectures she unknowingly showed me through the way she lived. So, in honor of Mothers’ Day, I thought I’d write about 3 lessons that I’ve learnt from mom.

1. Love is sacrifice. A lot of it.

In its purest and most sincerest form, love is, has, and will always be an act of sacrifice. Where the greatest struggle of loving someone lies, is when they are unaware of this sacrifice and you therefore receive no thank you for this act of sacrifice. This, however, reveals the true nature of the love and your motives. To love someone enough to sacrifice pieces of yourself so that they may grow is insanely difficult. More so, to do this knowing that they may never thank you or know you are the one who helped them become who they are is rare.
The love that my mom has taught and given me is this kind of sacrificial love. She sacrifices, not because she expects something in return but because she wants the very best for her family, whatever the cost. Over the last year, I’ve begun to hear of the dreams she’s had to let go of or life-changing sacrifices she’s had to make to give me and my brothers the educational opportunities and life experiences that she never had or those that were taken away from her

2. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes

This has been one of the more annoying lessons to learn. In primary school, I was being slightly bullied by one of the girls in my class. I went to my mom and she told me to put myself in the bully’s shoes. As an 11 year old, that is not the advice you want. 12 years later, I approach every disagreement with that mentality.
Human psychology is so fascinating to me. The environment we grow up in, our relationships with our parents, the experience we had in school and multiple other factors have a greater impact on us as adults than you may know. That is why, before getting angry or annoyed, I put myself in the other persons shoes. Try to understand why they may think that way and more importantly, trying to understand their intention behind their words or actions. You’ll find that a persons intention is rarely malicious. Walking a mile in another persons shoes is an amazing way to resolve conflict. But it takes a knock on your pride to do that.

3. Strength is not reserved for men

This is probably the best lesson I’ve been taught. The strength I’m referring to is not physical strength but inner strength. It’s the strength to be vulnerable, the strength to move on, the strength to be resilient. Women are not the tail of society or the weaker gender. Maybe it takes a little bit more to prove that you are as strong as men, but never forget that you are. The world may try to define and limit our strength but don’t let that limit the strength within you.

I wouldn’t begin to know how to say thank you or how to repay my mom in gratitude or gifts. But I will start with living a life that is somewhat worthy of the sacrifices she has made.


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