Positioning Yourself For Breakthrough

I’m writing this with more excitement than the human heart can contain. In just 2 days, 8 hours, 56 mins and 50 seconds (as it stands) my church will be hosting one of the biggest youth and young adults conferences in South Africa. I woke up this morning with a joyful anticipation knowing that this is going to be a significant 3 days. But why?

I know, through scripture and experience, that God is able to heal in the secret places. So why do I get so excited about the large crowds? Wouldn’t your chances of a miracle lessen when you’re surrounded but hundreds or thousands of people praying to the same God, asking for their own miracles?

Praise break – it doesn’t. I’ve titled this positioning yourself for breakthrough because that’s exactly what I’ll be doing over the next week. Going into any big event, I like to go in with a specific phrase or word of expectation and up until an hour ago, I couldn’t think of a “goal” for this conference. But after opening my bible (always a good start) I realised I wanted one thing from the next few days – to let my praise bring breakthrough… For someone else.

Miracles tend to have a domino effect. We see in Acts 16, when Paula and Silas are in prison. Their praise set others free. How beautiful would the world be if we could all pray for our neighbour as much as we prayed for ourselves? When God moves in our lives, He doesn’t want us to keep it within ourselves. He wants it to ripple into our worlds, to shake the core of who we are and change our surroundings.

But what if you’ve been waiting for a miracle, you’ve been waiting for the breakthrough and the next one receives it? Well, position yourself, in expectation of getting God. Like the begger in Acts 3, position yourself for breakthrough.

The good news of Jesus doesn’t have an expiration date. The good news is as needed today as it was when it first came into this world. The good news is free, it’s powerful and it’s relevant. I truly believe, maybe ignorantly so, that it’s not over. I truly believe that the best days for this country, and for you, are ahead of us. I truly believe that one miracle on the first day of this conference will ripple into thousands by the Friday when it ends.



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