Built On Hope

Now I am not an obsessive Star Wars fan but I can appreciate a good movie (the few I do actually watch). In Rogue One specifically, there’s one line that gets me every single time. Building to the climax of the movie and trying to get the rebellion to help her destroy the Death Star , Jyn Erso says “We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.”.

Realistically speaking, we are designed to dream. Without a vision for our life, we become stagnate. Our dreams and visions steer us and put intention to our actions. Dreams create a hope in us. This hope can compel us to go on mission to steal the plans for the Death Star or chase down business opportunities that others may think unreasonable. Dreams can create hope.

However, dreams can become polluted by disappointment and create fears. Fear of failing could stem from the dream to achieve something. I know this kind of fear way too well. When I was studying, I dreamt of getting a degree. However, every time I received a bad result, the hope of getting a degree was diluted with failure and eventually created a fear. My fears were a culmination of disappointed dreams.

The inspiration for this post comes from this realisation: what if you deepest fear was intended to be the hope that compels you to fight? Without hope, dreams become fear and that fear is given room to grow and paralyse you. But hope stirs something up inside of you. Hope causes you to fight again. Hope causes you to take another step. Hope stops you from taking your life or hurting yourself.

In 2018, I have decided to mark my year with just that. The hope to try again; to fight again. Maybe it’s time you started building on hope again. Who knows, you might just destroy the death star and save the galaxy in the process


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