Who Stirs Your Faith?

Yesterday was a bit of a blur. My day started at 5am and did not rest until I got home at 10pm. We had 4 back to back services (in celebration of our church’s 10 year birthday) and I clocked in my 10 000 steps by 10am. Needless to say, by 1pm when the second services was done, I was pretty much done and my body started running on autopilot steered by way too many triple shot coffees. 

At some part of the day, maybe the third service, I came to the realisation that I hadn’t considered Christ in the day (this is a whole nother post to write). So I opened up the youversion bible app and read my two bible plans. There was a definite shift in my spirit in that moment. Truth be told, I can’t remember exactly what I read but my focus had streamlined and put the Holy Spirit front and centre.

As the final service was about to start, I stood with some of my friends (not those fake instagram friends, the real kind – those who call you out, cheer you on, the non facade kind). We were battle ready for worship. Even more ready because another one of our friends was going to lead “Not Today” which brought out all the sass in us. I was expectant, I was stirred in my faith, I was not the person I was 10 minutes prior to meeting up with my friends.

During the song, the Holy Spirit asked me a loaded question – WHO IS STIRRING YOUR FAITH? I didn’t understand the question. So He went ahead and answered it as well. “Look around you. These are your faith stirrers”. “What on earth is a faith stirrer Lord?” was my response. He prompted me to take out my phone and write down this reminder.

“In times of trial, who cheers you on to keep trusting the spoken and written promise of God above the situation you see. 

In seasons of sorrow who reminds you that your joy is attached to an unshakeable hope that not even death could hold 

On the mountain top. Who reminds you how you got there?”

Who stirs your faith?

I did not realise the power of influence in that moment. I was expectant because I was in an environment on expectation. Because I knew the victories of those around me, I was able to take another step. Because I knew their trials, I knew real strength. Because I knew their journeys, I knew that God was in the business of restoration and breakthrough. My faith was stirred to risk again because I was in community.

I cannot begin to know the story of every person reading this. But I can encourage everyone reading this to find yourself a community of likeminded people who have a conviction and hope not anchored to anything that this world can steal. A community like that will lift you above themselves and you begin to share in victories and triumphs with others. A community that admits to their weakness because they’re able to point you to a source of provision, strength, hope and joy like you couldn’t’ imagine.

So I ask again, who stirs your faith?


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