More than a coincidence

I have come to realise that too much in my life has happened for the existence of God to be nothing more than a mere figment of my imagination. The excuse of a coincidence has long been surpassed by the intricacies of my testimony. I am overwhelmed by every detail in my life that links […]

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Heart of fire

A few months ago, I was in a really bad place. I felt like I had disappointed God s much that it would have been better for me to walk away. I took a walk in the Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens and all of a sudden I just broke down into tears. But then suddenly everything […]

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Take heart.

There are two words that really impacted me early this year. They are words I’ve heard many people use but never really affected my heart. But when I had my first devotional time of 2014, reading John 16, these two words had such a powerful impact on me that I decided to make them my […]

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